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Serbia and Montenegro
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Flag of Serbia and Montenegro
Serbia and Montenegro

Country Profile

Capital Cities: Belgrade
Podgorica The Capital of Montenegro.

Other Cities: Pristina, Pancevo, Novi Pazar, Uzice, Novi Sad, Subotica, Bor, Nis, Tivat, Kotor

Local Time
: UTC +1h

Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Area: Montenegro (13 938 sq. km),
Serbia (88 412 sq. km.)
Terrain: Varied; in the north, rich fertile plains; in the east, limestone ranges and basins; in the southeast, mountains and hills; in the southwest, high shoreline with no islands off the coast

Border countries
: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania

Climate: In the north, continental climate (cold winter and hot, humid summers with well-distributed rainfall); central portion, continental and Mediterranean climate; to the south, Adriatic climate along the coast, hot, dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall inland.

Type: Republic.
Constitution: February 4, 2003 the Yugoslav parliament adopted the Constitutional Charter of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
Independence: April 11, 1992 (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia formed as self-proclaimed successor to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia).

Nationality: Noun--Montenegrin(s) and Serb(s);
adjective--Montenegrin and Serbian
Population: (2001 est.) 8,000,000, (Montenegro 650,000); Serbia (not including Kosovo) 7,478,820--2002 Republic Census)
Ethnic groups: Serbian 62.6%, Albanian 16.5%, Montenegrin 5%, Hungarian 3.3%, other 12.6%
Religions: Orthodox 65%, Muslim 19%, Roman Catholic 4%, Protestant 1%, other 11%
Languages: Serbo-Croatian 95%, Albanian 5%, the alphabet in official use is Cyrillic, as well as Latin Literacy: total population: 93%


Currency: New Yugoslavian Dinar (YUM); Note: in Montenegro the euro is legal tender; in Kosovo both the euro and the Yugoslav dinar are legal (2002)

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