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Natural Stone Veneers offers beautiful and luxury look for any exterior building or interiors including fireplace, pool decking, or landscaping applications. The stone can be applied on the external or internal wall, pillars, columns, around the windows in kitchen areas, or in bathroom. The design applications are limitless. With new manufacturing processes, the Thin Natural Stone Veneers product now offer much more flexibility, reliability in architectural designs and applications for  exterior and interior decoration. Most important is that the Natural Stone Veneers look and feel authentic and increases the building or home value.

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Thin natural stone veneers offers much more flexibility in architectural designs and applications for interior decoration. The manufacturing of thin natural stone veneer varies from one vendor to the other. Each manufacturing process  produces various texture stones, some polished and honed while others are rough or chiseled. When ordering a Natural Stone Veneer product the most important architectural specifications include the thinness, size, weight. and veneer finishes. Finish is the surface or the face of natural stone during fabrication. Finish is does not depend on the color, but may change the intensity of color in different lighting conditions.

There are 4 major Natural Stone Veneers design applications. They are:

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